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Klockor & Audiosystem

A wide selection of industrial clocks and synchronisation modes

Wide range of industrial clocks for all uses (indoor and/or outdoor), already equipped over 2,500 sites worldwide.

Many clocks are installed in schools, stations and airports. Clock design with different display types (analogue, digital LED/LCD) available for different synchronisation modes, which allows adaption of our clocks to the needs of our customers.

Audio solutions for better communication, timing and alerting (PA-systems)

Specialised in the manufacture of audio and alert systems for over 40 years. Manufacture of connected loudspeakers (indoor/outdoor), microphones and flash signals, in addition to remote alerting systems (button boxes, radio remote controls and smartphone applications). These products are adapted to transmit information to different groups (students, employees, customers, visitors, etc.), making them just as suitable for a factory as for a head office or a museum.

Today, many educational institutions (schools, colleges and university campuses) are equipped with audio systems to broadcast bells at the beginning and end of classes, music, alerts (such as lockdown alerts) or audio messages.