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582 Profinet up to date

PROFINET - always up to date

TR-Electronic, a well-known manufacturer of absolute multiturn encoders, has been supporting PROFINET since the very beginning at the turn of the millennium. In the approx. 20 years in which the automation world has been inspired by PROFINET, the bus standard has changed several times and has been further developed for various areas of application.

This profile is now available in version 4.2. In the latest generation of encoders, PROFINET is one of the most frequently requested interface technologies. And so it is not surprising that the product family that has already been introduced is continuously being modernized and improved. The latest update for the absolute encoders with a size of 58 mm, which is available with a solid shaft, blind shaft or a continuous hollow shaft.

Like all Industrial Ethernet devices from TR-Electronic, the PROFINET encoders of the latest family are connected with robust, industrialgrade M12 connectors. The star-shaped network is opened to the line by the integrated switches - the bus line is continued from encoder to encoder. Mixed topologies are also possible. With the "Media Redundancy Protocol" the availability can be increased again - the line is closed to a ring (on an automation switch suitable for MRP).

Below is an breif selection of our wide selection of our second generation of PROFINET encoders.